MASScot have been active in campaigning in a number areas, including;

  • Sunbed Regulations

MASScot campaigned strongly on this issue; we gave evidence and served on the parliamentary consultation committee for the introduction of sunbed regulations which were agreed by the Scottish Parliament in 2009. The regulations include:

  • Under the Public Health etc. (Scotland) Act 2008: Coin operated sun beds are not allowed.
  • A member of staff must be supervising sunbed use.
  • Sunbed operators are not allowed to hire sunbeds to under 18s.
  • Sunbed operators must show information on the health risks linked with using a sunbed.

Despite the legislation, further measures are required to ensure that this is enforced properly.

  • Clinical Nurse Specialists in Skin Cancers

In 2004, there were no skin cancer clinical nurse specialists in Scotland, and there was no plan in place to provide them. MASScot campaigned hard for their introduction and in 2015 there were ten across Scotland. However, more are needed to ensure every patient in Scotland has access to a specialist nurse regardless of their circumstances or where they live.

  • Access to New Medicines

  • Campaigning at Public Events

  • Removal of VAT on Sun Protection Creams

  • Sun Awareness Education in Schools