Covid-19 Pandemic

We would like to reassure everyone during this difficult time that the MASScot helpline phone number 07738231260 and email address are both still available if you have any enquiries or concerns.

Our small team are following Government guidelines and practising social distancing measures by working from home. We advise everyone to do the same if they can, as this will save lives and allow things to return to normal sooner.

Updates from 28th May onwards

With the Scottish Government announcing a relaxation of lockdown rules beginning the 28th of May, we felt it best to remind everyone to exercise caution when returning to spending periods of time outside. Applying sun cream, wearing a hat, sunglasses and seeking shade are all advised. We will be posting the UV index and chart on our social media pages daily, so follow us on Facebook and Twitter to stay updated.

We suggest anyone with questions or concerns regarding Covid-19 to visit the NHS webpage here.

For other general information regarding the virus in Scotland, please visit the Government’s webpage here.

We encourage everyone to try and stay as positive as you can during this time, and have provided some advice on staying busy below:

  • Try a new physical exercise to stay fit, you can find lots of inspiration on fitness apps, YouTube and Pinterest
  • Get those DIY jobs finished
  • Learn a new skill to keep your mind active
  • Try Mindfulness, yoga or listen to music for relaxation
  • Stay in touch with friends and family by phone or video chats
  • Enjoy this time that you have so often wished you had
  • Keep sending each other funny video clips please (it’s important to laugh!)

To any patients – You are unique, get your medical advice from your CNS or Medical Team – they have all your results and are the only ones who really know your score. If you have any questions or queries, again please phone/text us at 07738231260 or email us at

Send your thanks and encouragement to the NHS every Thursday at 8pm by clapping your hands at your door with neighbours.

The MASScot team.
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