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Welcome to the official site of Melanoma Action and Support Scotland (MASScot). Scottish Registered Charity [SCIO]: SC040286

MASScot aims to support people who have been diagnosed with Melanoma and other skin cancers. We provide complementary support, counselling and therapy services for skin cancer patients and their carers.


Phone: 07738231260 – Melanoma Support and Advice (All matters relating to support and skin cancer)

Email: leigh@masscot.org.uk

This support line is available 8am-11pm, every day including public holidays. Out-with these times please leave a text message/voicemail or email to the above address and we will return your call/email as soon as possible.

About Us

MASScot was originally founded in 2003 by Professor Rona MacKie CBE, as a support group for Melanoma patients and their carers. The main focus continues to be the provision of practical and psychological support for those affected by Melanoma or other skin cancers. The group is run by patients, ex-patients and carers. 

Secondary aims are to improve the patients journey without excess delay, ensure the best care is available – with access to Clinical Nurse Specialists. 

Successes since 2003- for stage 4 melanoma has gone from 10% to around 60%.  We even have therapy for stage 3 melanoma. 

Prevention education – around 60,000 children and young adults taught sun protection, adults and children taught sun cream use at open air events with free demonstration and samples for adults. 

Sun Bed Bill 2009 – closed all coin operated salons, all are registered with Local Authority as a minimum and most require a licence. No under 18s allowed to use salons. Thanks to Ken Macintosh MSP. 

Our campaign work includes:-

Submissions to the Scottish Medicines Consortium, representing patients at PACE and final SMC decision meetings – to gain access to new drugs. Drug therapy for melanoma stage 3 and 4 costs around £80K for one years therapy for one patient.Despite the price there is no guarantee and there can be serious side effects requiring hospital admission. So understandably we do have to make a strong case – plead!  £80K could pay for 8 new hips allowing people to become independent.  

Charity Administration

Address: MASScot – c/o SMITH 17 Cairnhill Road Bearsden Glasgow G61 1 AU

Office: The office is closed due to the pandemic and we are working at home. 

Email: admin@masscot.org.uk